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Shopping Centres:

• The Knysna Quays Shopping & Entertainment Centre at the Waterfront right on the Lagoon, is about 5 minutes walk from Yellowwood Lodge.
• Woodmill Lane Shopping Centre: - This centre is in the heart of Knysna, just off the Main Road is about 7 minutes walk from Yellowwood Lodge.
• Pledge Square Shopping Centre is about 2 minutes walk from Yellowwood Lodge.
• "Die Ou Fabriek" ('The Old Factory'): Shopping Arcade, about 4 minutes walk from Yellowwood Lodge.
• Mulberry Gardens Shopping Centre: is about 2 minutes walk from Yellowwood Lodge.
• Art & Craft Galleries, Shops & Stalls: Knysna has more artists and craftsmen than any other town in South Africa - there are an enormous variety of art to meet every taste.


The very many restaurants, pubs and coffee shops in and all around Knysna offers an enormous variety of real, authentic, traditional South African cuisine, as well as exotic, continental cuisine to suit every budget and taste. Most of them are within easy walking distance from Yellowwood Lodge. We will happily assist you with bookings.Mitchell's local brewery, boasts with its own original, homemade draft beer, ready to quench any thirst.Of course, you just have to try the famous Knysna oysters, and almost every single restaurant serves these succulent morsels fresh from the local oyster farms in the Knysna Lagoon.


Three festivals are held annually - in autumn (fall), winter and spring - that reflect Knysna's robust culture.
• The Knysna Timber Fair, held during the Easter holidays, celebrates Knysna's forests and its vibrant timber and exquisite furniture industry.
• The Knysna Oyster Festival is a celebration of leisure, sport (focusing mainly on cycling and marathon running) and outdoor adventure in the sunny, mild, balmy winter holidays.
• The Nederburg Knysna Arts Festival held during the Spring holidays, celebrates the fine artists and performing artists who make up Knysna's rich and diverse culture.


One of the warmestspots on the Garden Route with the greatest number of blue sky sunny days. This region has a warm, temperate climate throughout the year with mild, dry winters, with average temperatures in the 20 C band.


Direct, daily flights from Johannesburg International Airport to George and Plettenberg Bay. Direct daily flights from Cape Town International Airport to George. Weekly flights from Cape Town to Plettenberg Bay to Port Elizabeth and back.


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